April 1, 2014

8 More Picture Books to Share

Over the past month, we’ve explored the picture books on the New York Public Library’s list of 100 Titles to Read and Share. While writing these book reviews I have definitely found some new favorites!

Two weeks ago we looked at 10 picture books from the list. My favorites were . . . actually it is too hard to choose! I loved them!
Here is the last set of picture book reviews (bittersweet moment . . . sad to leave the picture books, happy to move on to novels). I was glad to see a trend of multicultural books crop up in this part of the list.

And without further ado--


#16 Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote: A Migrant’s Tale by Duncan Tonatiuh
4 Cheers!
This book was a conversation starter for my husband and me.
It is a beautiful story, told with complete simplicity. No drama, no politics, no pity, just a story revealing the true experiences of real people—EXCEPT there are no people in this book. All of the characters are animals. Rabbits, chickens, ducks, snakes, and a coyote. And what my husband pointed out is that having animals experience the terrible ordeal of crossing illegally from South to North makes the story approachable in a way that telling it outright wouldn’t be able to do.  Making the characters into rabbits wipes the slate clean. You don’t see race. You don’t see nationality. You see a father caring for his family and the dangers they face. Animals make us comfortable enough to approach the content feely, leaving behind all our human misconceptions. This book will appeal to adults and children for its warmth, its honesty, and the beautiful way the illustrations capture the characters’ thoughts.
 Pancho Rabitt and the Coyote Illustration


#17 Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid
2 Cheers
Creative interpretation, good repetitiveness for young children, but I didn’t love it.


#18 The Silver Button by Bob Graham
4 Cheers!
The Silver Button TItle Page
Reading this book is an act of embracing the celebration of the ordinary details of everyday life. Every sentence is a hasty beginning and ending of a new story. Quite possibly a story you find yourself in the middle of a hundred times a day.
“Oh High Street, Bernard had his shoelace tied for the second time that morning . . . and a man bought some fresh bread from the baker.”
A summation of the hummm-drumm seconds that make up a minute, in any city, in any family.
The Silver Button My Favorite Page
The SIlver Button Illustration


#19 The Story of Fish and Snail by Deborah Freedman
3 Cheers!
A fresh romp through the pages of a book-within-a-book!
Lots of dialogue, and most of the info comes through the illustrations.
 Fish and Snail Illustration
Fish and Snail Picture
Dive in!


#20 Take Me Out to the Yakyu by Aaron Meshon
3 Cheers!
Baseball fans will cheer for this fun book that takes place in 2 countries: the US and Japan. One boy takes us through the cultural highlights of his favorite game.
  Yakyu Japanese and American Foods


#21 This is the Rope: A Story from the Great Migration by Jacqueline Woodson
3 Cheers!
When you read this book, read the author’s note first and then dive into this family’s story of hope and change and progress.
This is the Rope Illustration


#22 Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea
No joke, this book is pretty great!
Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great Cover
Goat is happy with his friends on the playground, until Unicorn shows up with his magical tricks. Packed full of illustrations that will make you smile, and a lesson that every grumpy goat needs.

 Cameo appearances by:
A piece of toast
A waste-paper basket
A plunger
A smiling lake

3 Cheers!
(3 and ½ for the piece of toast)




#23 Water in the Park by Emily Jenkins & Stephanie Graegin
2 Cheers
Nothing about this book struck me. I didn’t spend any time lingering on the page or anticipating the next word.


Next week we will dive in with Folktales and Fairytales!


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