March 19, 2014

THE LIST: 100 Book Reviews in 2014

About a month ago, I happened upon a list. A book list. A children’s book list.


At the close of 2013, the New York Public Library released their 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing (you can find it here). Throughout the year I plan to read and share all the books from this list!

And thanks to my own nearby public library, I am up to my nose in children's books!

Each book review will include a rating. Here’s the system:

3 Cheers—This is a good book, definitely read it.
2 Cheers—This is an okay book.
1 Cheer—This is an even less okay book.
*cricket* —This  book didn’t make a splash. Spend your time elsewhere.

As you can see, these are rigorous standards. Ahem.
BUT I do have some basic questions that will guide my ratings (there is a method to the madness).

Elements To Consider
  • Can I make personal connections to the story? Is it meaningful?
  • Are the illustrations captivating?
  • Is the language interesting?
  • Is it fun? (Reading to children is nothing if it isn’t fun!)

As always, some books are wonderful because they are light, funny, and a rollicking good time while other books become favorites because they appeal to my artistic taste. Both kinds of favorites are welcome to me!

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