February 18, 2015

Children Make Terrible Pets

ImagePicture books have a way of showing me the world from new points of view, in simple ways and often funny ways. Humor opens doors :)
Awhile back I read Mr. Tiger Goes Wild with my students--it was one of my favorite Interactive Read Alouds. I loved the book, so I naturally wanted to see what else the author, Peter Brown, had written. Among many books, Children Make Terrible Pets caught my eye.

For all patient mothers who have listened (and listened and listened) to the ongoing plea for a dog or a frog-- this story is for you. And for your animal-obsessed children. :) Peter Brown deftly explores the question: What if a wild animal took YOU as a pet? The results, as you may imagine, are fantastically funny, and may hit close to home (I remember the snakes my brothers would bring home). Enjoy!


February 4, 2015

5 Valentine's Day Stories to Love


I am completely biased, but Valentine's Day is probably best spent in an elementary school. There's a party, and LOTS of card giving! Hearts and chocolate and innocence. I love it.
I also love to share stories. Here are a few of our classroom favorites this year:

1. Love, Splat by Rob Scotton. The illustrations are delightful and funny! There is also Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine, an engaging lift the flap book, perfect for younger readers (but not so much for 3rd graders).

2. Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores by Barbara Samuels. This is a new favorite! I immediately bought my own copy. The story and pictures are very simple, and it was a spot-on tool for teaching character development. We also made a LOT of inferences using the pictures.

3. Valentine's Day by Alice K. Flanagan. It was nice to add a NONFICTION book to our Valentine's Day repertoire. Easily understood and lots of good vocabulary.

4. Valentine Hearts Holiday Poetry by Lee Bennett Hopkins. This I Can Read book is great for students to read on their own once they have heard it read aloud.

5. Arthur's Valentine by Marc Brown. Classic.
Arthur's Valentine

Share the love! What are your favorite stories?