welcome to bookandbliss_happy in Sydney Harbour Hello friends, so glad you dropped in! 

This is a place for teachers, parents, & life-long learners. 

This is for Those-In-The-Thick-Of-It. 

We are in the middle of busy jobs and demands, keeping our difficult balance. This is a go-to place for the stories that help us navigate—and give us a stopping place to do some thinking. Stay awhile. Read a little, think a little, share a little. 

A Little About Me:

I was almost an English major. In the middle of a Contemporary Literature course, reading lovely things, awful things, and taking a good look around, I realized that the class I REALLY wanted to be taking was Children's Literature. And that was for Elementary Education majors only. So that was that. It was a good decision because now I get a packet of these every year:
bookandbliss_rockin' the school picture  

Yep. Third Grade rocks.







You should also know:

  • I love teaching 3rd grade
  • I love Downton Abbey
  • I love yoga & I eat chocolate on the way to the gym
  • I love wearing moccasins instead of real shoes
  • I love antique doorknobs
  • I love traveling

All credit for my love of learning goes to my parents, who spent their hours talking to me before I could speak, who sat down to read with me before I could walk, and surrounded me with books. 

For guest posting opportunities or other questions, please email me: bookandbliss@gmail.com 

Thanks for stopping by :)

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